Friday anecdotes 24.7.15

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

She was a restless soul, ever since her childhood she envied the gypsies and travelers whenever she gobbled up books about them. The little world in which she lived enchanted her beyond words, the flowers in her father’s garden and the butterflies they invited were aplenty, she loved them with all her heart and every other beautiful thing.

But whatever her heart wanted her traveling stars did not complied with! Ah! to be born in a conservative country inside a female body with amply smart mind! Daredevil enough to sneak out real often on bicycle to tour around her small town, enjoy the paddy fields, the banks and water of river Damodar, and sometimes gang up with other girls to travel nearby tourist spots but not enough to go out on a cross country trip ;p

So she started to follow a poem she has read in her textbook as…

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