Musegames on Wednesdays 5.8.15

“Where is Mona?” Devidas asked.

“She is in her room, studying most probably or chatting with her friends on internet.” Pinky answered, applying the final coat of lipstick on her lips. They already looked perfect, but apparently the beautiful woman was not satisfied.

“You look great darling.” her husband smiled at her reflection in mirror, “Let’s go now or else …”

She got up reluctantly and grabbed a purse matching her dress.

The car was waiting for them outside, the chauffer opened the door.

“Tell baby to have her dinner and go to bed on time.” Pinky instructed the young woman waiting on the portico stairs for her last minute instructions. She nodded in response.

“She will order a pizza and will be up when we return.” Mr. Singh chuckled.

“I know…” Pinky smiled. “That girl is obsessed with internet.”

“Well as long as her studies are not effected we should allow her to enjoy her free hours in her own ways.”

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