170×170 day 98 6.8.15

170x170 day 98 6.8.15

Love for nature, when things go wrong too much people often drop in an abyss of complete darkness, I have always been spared from that darkness by nature and its beauty. Even in the concrete jungle of Kolkata I managed to steal glimpses of nature in its half glory if not full, and whenever I felt bleak, gloomy I surrendered myself to her rejuvenating beauty.

My friend Nick calls nature the altar of God, so do I, there is so much that God has left for us in nature, to soothe us, to make us happy, ecstatic or remind us that we are always luckier than too many of her other children!

I am blessed that since my earliest childhood I have found a really deep bonding with nature, with age it dulled a bit but not more. I know not all are blessed with that bonding from birth but if they try they may develop enough to make them feel peace and happiness.

It certainly is worth trying for!



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