170×170 day 100 8.8.15 and the century!!! yay!!!

170x170 day 100 8.8.15

love for reading, there are four things in my life, four pillars I count on, pillars which all the toxicity in my life could not tamper with, one of them is my love for reading. I have been an avid reader since my childhood, and though the content changed from time to time but the habit stayed, the cracks in my tattered academic career, lack of guidance in family life were filled by reading.

Reading opens our mind, it matures us more than too many people realize or acknowledge. I have often heard people talk against reading saying it is a waste of time, in fact I think it is decided by what you read, when I was younger I was quite fussy about the contents, I only read what gave me something worthwhile to keep.

That yardstick was mine of course it might have been something moral, spiritual or something from the world of science, technology.

I did read almost everything I could from digestible spiritual to techie things.



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