170×170 day 102 10.8.15

clouds IMG_0003 6.5.15

Love for solitude, well, being born with two mean bullies whose sole purpose of survival was to bully younger siblings can become a boon if you survive their monstrosity, in your desperation to avoid them you get habituated to live solo from very early age. 

I remember as a child roaming in the garden talking to imaginary fairies and friends, nope I knew they were figment of my imagination but I enjoyed that conversation with myself anyways. I believe this habit became a blessing when toxic sisterhood invaded my life.

After they convinced me that they will skulk around me for the rest of my life I started to live on my own, I wiped out human beings from my slate and replaced them with things which those witches won’t be able to poison, even if they go insane trying.

Now I wonder why I ever desired human companionship, life is so much better without them in your life. If you can digest it of course, they mostly pester.



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