From the quill of femme sole 7.8.15

Should not we the women should break free now?
So many times we see,
how the obedient, decent women suffer here,
day in and day out,
then, why do we follow their footsteps?
sacrifice ourselves to the pyres built for obedient?
in one name or the other!
Should we not be expanding?
our minds and our actions for better tomorrow?
not for our offspring, but for ourselves!
In place of cursing fate and society
we try to decide our fate and change the world?

Recently I was reading a book review at my extraordinary critic friend vishal’s blog,, about a married woman Leela and her sufferings, there are so many Leelas in this world! so many! With all sympathy for them I often wonder would not other women be trying to do something about their lives?

They waste thousands of rupee to buy husbands and then let them kick them around the town, so why don’t they invest that money and marry someone instead of buying him?

That may be a better option than becoming or playing a victim of circumstances!

from the quill of femme sole


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