170×170 day 103 11.8.15

170x170 day 103 11.8.15

Come to my arms
Sweet sailor I will show
You heaven on earth.

He craned his neck, looked around, there was no radio, tape recorder visible, and there were no women on their fishing trawler, he could see his friends rolling all over the deck with the rocking waves of the ocean.

He heard it again, the voice was magnetic, hypnotizing then he saw her, on something that looked like a boat.

“The coconut grove
Bathed in moonlight, ocean
Deep blue calling you.”

“Hey!” You on the boat…” he called out, the woman did not looked back, he ran to the lower deck and hollered again, the woman kept rowing as if she was deaf, he almost toppled over the railing while hollering for the third time, a heavy had fell on his shoulder and steadied him.

It was the captain.

“That ain’t no woman lad! That’s a lost soul riding own corpse!” he said.

As if she heard him, looked back, he could see her eyes glowing in darkness.



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