Musegames on Wednesdays 12.8.15

The car stopped at the gate of Calcutta Club, the club was lavishly decorated. The couple stepped out of the car and headed for the lawn.

“Hello Mr. Singh.” a man waved at him from the other side of the lawn, too fat to move towards them otherwise he might have, it seemed at least.

They crossed the lawn to meet him calm and poised but a little glint in Pinky’s eyes gave away that she was pleased, happy.

“Have a seat!” he patted the chair beside him and Pinky sat down, Singh sat down facing him, “I thought you will bring your lovely friend this time too Pinkyjee.” the man said visibly disappointed.

“She is in New York Rawatjee.” Pinky pouted, “Why you want to meet her? I will tell her she will faint!”

“Come on Pinkyjee!” the man chuckled, happy as a puppy, “Why will a hoor (fairy) like her be interested to see me a fat pig!”

“She is a big fan of your movies, that is why!” Pinky smiled sweetly, “She knows the brain not body.”

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