170×170 day 105 13.8.15

170x170 day 105 13.8.15

Resting head on palms
Staring into the deep
Endless ocean of nothing
Stars twinkle and say
There is something
In this nothing
Don’t be afraid
Every nothing hides something
Deep within or openly
Sometimes you seek
Sometimes you just acknowledge.

She often imagined when she watched the stars in night sky, sometimes for long, long time that in one of those stars there is another girl looking back at her.

Well, with time she came to know that stars are burning affairs, but still, she knows that in one of the planets orbiting those millions of stars there is another pair of eyes, looking at her direction and thinking someone is looking back at her, across millions of light years!

She sometimes wondered how will it be to meet one face to face or go into some other planet where living beings dwell!

Ah wishful dreams, sometimes they come true and sometimes they just offer harmless joy.

Twinkle twinkle little stars
What mysteries you hide in
Your realms one wonders!



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