From the quill of femme sole 14.8.15

Why do we pay so much attention to fashion and other things that society tries to fool us with, so that we don’t waste time expanding our brain?

I was a perfect nightmare to fashion conscious classmates of mine, from school, due to tonsillitis I used to wrap my neck with ugliest looking comforters and had to wear extra woolens, which was a nightmare for my friends, so many times they tried to stop me but failed because there was no question of tormenting my body, with time I realized how vain their way of looking at the world was.

I started wearing sari at a very early age and ever since then I have been in love with those five yard wraps, even though I absolutely love them I don’t wear them. πŸ™‚ because I don’t like the garbage on the roads and saris do touch the ground when we walk, sorry! I rather prefer salwar suits that stay an inch above ground. Even though people directly or indirectly try to persuade me I don’t give them a hoot.

I wear flipflops even when I am out on the street, reason I am allergic to leather and after hunting high and low for comfortable non-leather footwear I have failed to buy some, yeah I wasted almost a couple of thousand rupees in last 15 years before giving up, I don’t have any female friends but if I had I am certain that they would have preached me to no end to try leather shoes ;p

I don’t wear any kind of make-ups I was always a bit fidgety about wearing something on my skin, I was content with bindi, lipstick/gloss (no kajal, eyeliner or foundation/make-up for me, every in life), even though a lot of my lady friends tried to hook me to them, saying they look good, I look bland etc. Actually I don’t wear any jewelry either.

Now, what do I get from these? Well a skin without much problems and a happy heart that ignores what others think about my looks!

I have seen too much make up not only ruins skin but decreases the looks too, seen some real beauties putting up makeup and looking like mannequins. So, I think most women do it because “others ask them to do it”. This is another habit we may practice with caution.

from the quill of femme sole


13 thoughts on “From the quill of femme sole 14.8.15

  1. I have been harassed to no end by family and friends to wear makeup. It’s really insulting. I think am I really that ugly?

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