170×170 day 109 17.8.15

170x170 day 109 17.8.15

One day after the other
Just goes by
Like a churning wheel
Rolls on and on
Without reason
They follow the other
And disappear
Over the horizon of time.

She waits for him to return. First it was days, she ran out to the fort balcony every time she heard the horn of a ship entering the harbor.

Then it became nights, she can’t come out at days, the sunlight stops her energy from taking form.

So she waits at night but the harbor is gone too, so have the ships, the river has changed its course.

Will he ever come to her she wonders!

Will he ever return?
Into the embrace of her arms,
Arms that held him near,
For all those nights,
Their sweet sighs mingled
With fragrance of night flowers,
As they laid side by side
Night after night!

Will he return or is he gone?
Maybe the ocean stole him,
Or someone else’s love,
He maybe her love now,
Or sleeping in the dark blue grave!



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