Musegames on Wednesdays 19.8.15

Pinky lifted her head and looked at her husband to notice he was not there, he was standing surrounded by a group of young women, as usual. All eager to catch his eyes.

She sometimes wondered, had he been a penniless man, or some clerk in some office any of these fairies, dressed to kill would have allowed him to flitter around them?

She remembered him when she first saw him, a skinny fellow, too tall and too thin wearing a drab looking spectacle following around the hotshots of film industry, she was a struggler desperate to get roles, so she too did the same, they often sat outside the shoots and passed hours chatting, waiting for the hot shots to come out so they could pursue them.

Then with time she realized that the dumb look, spineless acts all were a disguise woven by a man far more smarter than some of the smartest men she has known.

They joined hand, because their goal was one money and fame.

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