From the Quill of Femme sole 21.8.15

I am a lousy cook, the cook from your nightmares, to be precise and am not least embarrassed for that. I don’t exchange recipes, I don’t try to improve myself either.

From childhood I hated chores, every single one of them, now with time I had to learn them and circumstances made me do them year around but still I learn only the necessary ones and try to do them as best as I can. ;p

Unlike too many women I don’t feel least embarrassed for being a lousy cook. I really think we all can manage delicacies from hotel and restaurants, there is no need of tearing your hair if you cant prepare them at home, after all, those hotels too need customers, don’t they?

So, quite merrily I buy them from hotels.

from the quill of femme sole


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