170×170 day 114 22.8.15

170x170 day 114 22.8.15

She played with cards
Crystal balls and spirits
That is what she told
To the gullible souls
Who came to her door
Looking for solutions
Or sate their temptations
Heaven knew
She played with their minds
Served only one spirit
The one that dwelled within
Looking for riches
In exchange of sweet nothings!

She was quite famous for her tarot card and crystal ball readings, a beautiful woman with sweet expression, most the times her eyes looked past her clients, as if into another world and expressions floated on her face, fear, joy, peace like small sailboats.

Her words often came true, her chamber was almost always full.

Hardly did they knew she was a very good judge of human beings, and using her extreme talent of gab she made them talk and use those words to guess their futures, quite often her guesses came true.

If someone earned her ire she deliberately misguided him or her to worst possible path, and best path were shown to ones that pleased.



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