170×170 day 116 24.8.15

170x170 day 116 24.8.15

Late at night
She came up
To watch the stars
Dolphins played
Around her
Whales sang songs
Ocean breeze
Kissed her body
Dried her hair
She played her lyre
Made of sea shells
Sometimes they passed by
Full of light
And strange sounds
Pleasing or annoying
She watched them
How they walked
Talked in strange tongues
So noisy and disrespectful
To other living beings
Yet so intriguing.

She has heard from her parents, older mermaids that earlier these ships were made of wood now metals, yes, that is what they are called, bigger ones ship the smaller ones boat and the creatures are called human by themselves, land dwellers, they can’t breathe in water.

When they were made of wood they often were sunk by ocean storms, the human were so helpless and it was so painful to watch them drown.

Sometimes mermaids helped them to float if land was near.

Now they are sturdy and sink only when other human beings try to sink them, they are so bizarre!



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