170×170 day 117 25.8.15

170x170 day 117 25.8.15

Her tears fall down
Scatter on grasses
And we think
They are precipitation
Dew drops poets call them.
When she looks down
And sees the pain
Her eyes fill up
Tears trickle down
Fall on earth.
When she sees beauty, love
Her heart fills up
Tears roll down
Her ivory cheeks
Bless the earth.

Her friends call her whimsical, love her nonetheless. She resembles children more than adults, laughing and crying at a hat’s drop.

She sits on clouds for hours and watches earth, it is her favorite planet, other fairies have moved away to other planets because human beings no longer believe them but she decided to stay back, hoping one day they will start to believe in magic again and she will be around to prove that magic beings are true.

She watches them building strange things, hopes they will build beautiful things instead of deadly weapons or hazardous things.

She prayed that they won’t cause earth much harm. Will learn its worth before that and start behaving.



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