Thursday Thoughts 27.8.15

Well, people who mercilessly kill animals when they enter wrong places to feed should learn from the people of Gujarat, recently I was watching a program on discovery about India’s lions, a species we almost succeeded to wipe out and is back to life again, in Junagadh Gujarat, credit goes to one of its ex nawabs who forbade their killing in his lands. Now there are 500 and increasing and they are wandering for food! So man lion encounters are on a rise, this male lion entered a village and killed a buffalo/ox (they cost a lot of money believe me) and then in night came back to eat it, the villagers crowded there to just see him! they did not poison the carcass or try to hurt the lion- settle their scores with that hungry beast! in place of that they watched the lion eating, he ate to his fill and walked away!

The villagers did not show any anger, wrath towards him in place of that they said it was a blessing that a lion came to visit their village, they did not had to go out to see him šŸ™‚

Hope lions will respect that huge heart and keep away from their livestocks and them.

love and hugs.

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