170×170 day 120 28.8.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 120 28.8.15

Love, the eternal truth for rare blessed, for rest it is either a mirage or a thing that just failed to show up at all.

Sometimes we lose it because of our own mistakes, silly mistakes! The next set is about this feeling and what I think of it, even though I no longer seek it in romantic sense. But for those who are still searching for that perfect partner.

Some of these superficial wisdom is gathered from movies and books and some from experiences of others, in the end, as always I will suggest to follow your own heart when it comes to love, because that is the one going to be shattered or blessed, depending on happenings.

Never treat your lover as a thought reader, it is the dumbest concept that Hindi movies mostly broadcast that true love does not needs words to express itself, well, it does honey, not only once but regularly, so that your lover stays confident that you are still in love, till end.



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