From the Quill of Femme Sole 28.8.15

I think it is better to live together or not marry at all if you cant stay loyal to one partner and love that person enough to give both a happy life.

There is nothing wrong in living together if you want lovers not husband/wives. I am damn lucky that I don’t want lovers otherwise I would not have been averse to it after seeing 1001 unfaithful spouses, I would have rather preferred a man who will cheat me but not after vowing to not cheat me ever! Actually I would have told him clearly to have some dignity and walk away when passion dies, instead of lowering himself and cheating.

With every passing year I thank God for making me not interested in lovers of any kind, I am not interested in casual sex, to me it is to be shared with only one man and for the rest of the life, unfortunately such men don’t exist anymore so I can do without that and honestly I don’t even the least regret my decision, now I can merrily say that I wont be marrying for the rest of my life because I have never heard any 46 year old (or older) indian woman getting married 😉 so sorry cupid I don’t regret ignoring you at all.

I think I have lived an amazing life without you little guy!

from the quill of femme sole


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