Musegames on Wednesdays 2.9.15

“Go to bed princess! No more TV.” Pinky smiled at the girl. The girl hugged and kissed them goodnight before leaving for bed.

She could hear her mother talking with someone, she knew her Shalu auntie, they often went to picnic or trips together, she always brought chocolates for her which mom took away of-course.

She was very beautiful, there was a time when she wanted to become like her but then realized that for that she will have to have beauty.

She hated beautiful girls ever since. Why was God so unfair!

“Listen Shalu, Nair is totally obsessed you know… do bring something for him you know… ask your airhostess friend to buy something for you…”

“Yeah I know you can get foreign goods in New Market but they wont have the stamp on them…”

“Don’t forget me after marriage…”

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