170×170 day 127 4.9.15 love and friendship

170x170 day 127 4.9.15

If your lover or friend is too formal, like I have sometimes actually heard them say (not to me, if they said it to me I would not be calling them lovers or friends- there is another name for them acquaintances) that they want to keep college “friendships” to college or school “friendships” to school, or have heard some really outrageous guys and girls (specially girls) looking for “love” that will be confined in college or park that is no commitment, but won’t call it a fling, or affair, they will have to insult the name of love 

So, if yours is like that then don’t get involved with him or her too much, in the end you will end up heart-broken if you actually fall for that person.

She or he will just move on, sometimes without explanation or goodbye, you will be left alone with a broken heart and that is not a fair way to treat yourself!

Love should always demand due respect, love in return.



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