From the quill of femme sole 4.9.15

From quite early childhood I never believed those men and women who believe women are inferior than men and they are born to serve others.

Believe me, I don’t know about your part of the world but in my part of world they are quite vocal sometimes, even though I never argue (almost) with them but don’t allow them an inch in my brain territory.

I am not much believer of arguments, I believe in actually doing what I think. The sooner women start to believe it and act upon it the better it will be for other women and men too in the long run. They will learn to respect women and women will stop harassing other women.

These women, who believe they are slaves of men not only ruin their own lives but extend that courtesy to other women too! Met too many in life and sometimes it was hard to control temper but in the end they just had to look elsewhere too smart to become slave.

from the quill of femme sole


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