170×170 day 137 14.9.15 dark stories

170x170 day 137 14.9.15

Can you read the story properly from the image?

“So what shall we do with this ghoul?” the first demon asked.

“Let me open the logbook of her deeds.” The second one said and opened it, a huge book.

“Okay, this witch befriended a girl half her age, with sole purpose to ruin her, because she was the thorn in her bed of roses, she conned her out of her very life, from everything that was actually hers.”

“She spied on her, pried out her feelings, thoughts, weakness and strength so she could use every bit of information that she gathered against her, heard everything she said, read almost everything she wrote, peeped into her life like peeping toms do corrupted every possible thing she could.”

“So let’s first melt her eyes out, pour hot mercury in her ears and skin her.” The first one said.

“Okay! Let’s do it!”

He whistled and his minions gathered around with their equipments, “Call us when you are done, we will fix her back so that you can read the second sin.”



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