170×170 day 142 19.9.15 dark stories

God: “You know Lucifer, cheating too should have a limit! You have crossed all limits! I created the earth, toiled on it for six days, then took just one day break and you broke into my office, and created a creature, that looks like you, acts like you and believes that it is my reflection on earth!”

“You placed that idea in its head so that it gives excuses for your wicked deeds, thinking that they are forgivable because God’s favorite is doing them!”

“They don’t even get the hints- I am formless, you take form, I can only communicate them through hints, which they can merrily ignore but you- you can actually persuade them through strong passions, obsessions which they can rarely refuse!”

“Look at my other kids, they have rules, principles, ethics and they abide them quite to the T, when they don’t nature punishes them, often destroys them, but your creation? They get away with every wicked thing possible and then improve their evil!”

Lucifer: “He He…”



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