170×170 day 143 20.9.15 dark stories

We hear about shapeshifters in horror stories, watch them in movies, how they change their outer appearance, they become another person or beast at will.

These shapeshifters well, they certainly changed their identities, they had a good network that worked globally, whenever a prey walked in, who had a good past, preferably impeccable one without many friends and selfish or non-existent relatives they trapped him or her in.

S/he vanished but his identity stayed alive. Sometimes they helped people to swap their identities with those too.

A fugitive becomes Mr. good guy and one of the gangs starts using his identity to make quick money, the fugitive gets a clean slate with all past money and the shape-shifter gets a ready-made connection in underworld.

Ms. Naughty girl becomes a gorgeous girl with enviable background and impeccable character, plus the must in most societies huge amount of dowry, the shape-shifter gets Ms. Naughty girl’s clientele, Ms. Naughty girl starts an enviable life.

The only evil thing was evil ending of originals!



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