170×170 day 144 21.9.15 dark stories

They played games that only women can play one will guess, after centuries of being oppressed by men the power hungry women discovered ways, methods that will keep the upper layer of innocence intact when they hit. Mostly those hits were lethal, one hit and poof!

She was outspoken, her only fault, she had huge yardsticks of morality that she followed and no, she did not wanted the world to be like her, she just wanted people close to her be like her and clearly, bluntly told others to take a hike.

Lata took it as an offense, when she called her types corrupt, of course she was not in her true form, hiding behind the layer of innocence but little must have shown through the façade because “She” got a bit suspicious about Lata’s actual intentions.

Lata settled her score by taking a step backwards and unleashing her entire coven after her, they branded her as one of them to the whole world.

Then Karma stepped in, to balance.



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