170×170 day 147 24.9.15 dark stories

She fell in love, deeply, nonchalant to the fact that he was not rich, nothing close to the suitor her family might have chosen for her. That is what love is all about!

He was her colleague, a silent type of man who preferred not to notice her signs, her hints that she wanted to take next step, turn their friendship into something deeper.

Then things went wrong, the decent, silent man all of a sudden started to act like a sick, depraved type of man, she still could not stop loving him, it was really deep and strong, then she started to notice weirder things, like little changes in him, a mole coming and going, colour of eye, hair thicker, thinner as if there were multiple persons using the same name, same office, same designation of course.

Well, naturally cupid ran off as fast his wings could take him, leaving her absolutely shocked and shattered.

The only thing she thanked God was that this did not happened after marriage!



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