170×170 day 151 28.9.15 dark stories

She was brilliant at this role, when she was a small child her mother took her to places where no child goes, by the time she was ten she was thoroughly corrupted and a puppet in her mother’s hand. She became quite an expert in acting, especially the role of victims, victimized truly it did not required much skill to play victim on every role offered to her, no not by silver screen, by her mother at first then the eternal trap – money.

She started to work for an organization that stayed invisible and worked through greedy persons like her, spread all across the globe.

Their job was quite unique, ruining reputation, credibility. Perks were mind-blowing!

One of her ex husbands is now living in Germany, he not only got a new cast, creed also fifteen year bonus in age, when they played husband and wife to ruin a whistleblower he was fifty, now she sees his picture in newspapers, a thirty five year old entrepreneur embracing high and mighties!



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