Musegames on Wednesdays 30.9.15

She learned one lesson quite early, every thing is fine if you don’t get caught, so she practiced the skill of not getting caught, and whenever she went anywhere near it, there was some scapegoat to take the fall for her.

If the scapegoat was her mate then s/he was lavishly rewarded and if not then Mona took care that his/her creditability was ruined beyond repair.

She at first made a whole team to work for her, a team that was absolutely under her control, there was no way of their betraying her. They were as helpless as puppets in the hands of puppeteer.

They played the role on the stage, she stayed hidden pulling only the strings.

From time to time she used to retire older ones and recruit new, so that these games stay credible, not the same group of people saying same thing, new people joining in.

Then there were the hired men and misguided ones too, to help.

Sometimes she wondered if “Daddy and mommy” will be impressed to know how smart their foolish looking daughter was!

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