170×170 day 154 1.10.15 a few of my favorite things

There is a saying in India, “madhuren samapayet” that means end with sweetness, so here are some of my past, present and forever favorite things.

When I was a child I was absolutely crazy about sweets, I just loved everything sweet, my brother was the suicidal type, he used to taste every plant in my father’s huge garden and then pass his verdict. I used to select the sweet ones and taste them.

We used to (all six of us I think) pluck the flowers and suck their nectars, there are some flowers that give lot of nectars in that way, the one I best remember is a flower, I just could not discover its English name, though I tried my best a few years back, we bengalis call it Lankajaba, and it certainly attracts a lot of birds, butterflies and bees when the tree is full of flower, which it mostly is, it is a bushy type of plant and if alive gives lot of bright red flowers generously.



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