From the Quill of Femme Sole 16.10.15

Yet another fatwa by protectors of Hinduism was “leggings are obscene” because they cling to skin and thus provoke men. Honestly? Seriously? What exactly then do not provoke men?

Why don’t they get this simple message that this type of encouragements actually provoke men to do whatever they want and then blame the women?

When I was young then salwar suit and maxi yeah both covering from neck to ankles were called obscene in Bengal- can you believe it? Maxi certainly cant give the least hint of someone’s figure, so how could that be labeled to be obscene? Pray tell me!

I have heard it on my face to “go back home change the obscene dress (a full sleeved free size salwar suit) and come back in sari. These things are not allowed in Bengal, you have to move around in sari.”

Or “Women of easy morale walk out of their gate in maxi.” honestly??

If you ask my suggestion I will tell younger women to absolutely ignore these idiots but for their own sake skip something that actually is provoking, like two piece bikini or thongs in public places ;p

from the quill of femme sole


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