From the Quill of Femme Sole 23.10.15

The newest fatwa by protectors of Hinduism, “If a fourteen year old girl stays out of home at night she is inviting it…”

It will seem that these protectors of “Hinduism” have all problem with young men and women wooing, courting each other, they don’t have any say against actual bad things that are quite rampant especially amongst politicians.

Chasing women half their age, forcing them to surrender to their lust by hook or by crook, after all, if a powerful man relentlessly harasses a young girl sooner or later she will either give in or do something drastic.

I remember a thing like that in West Bengal, where ghouls ruled, this girl was from a very poor family, she worked in an anganwadi and the local CPIM MLA was brazenly hounding her, he was double his age, married with kids but so what, I don’t know what she did at the end but she was at her wit’s end.

What about mending their own ways first and then preaching others?

from the quill of femme sole


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