From The Quill of Femme Sole 10.6.16 Indian women now and then P9

Men too are envious of men, but their envy is nothing in comparison to the venomous envy women have for each other, mostly. They just can’t tolerate happiness, success of other women, even if they themselves are successful. They are always eying what the other women have and churning their pits to find out ways of ruining that. It’s been a trait from earliest ages Manthara, Kaikeyee, the rakshasis that guarded Sita, the woman who badmouthed against her and made Ram desert her…

This is an opinion earned from vast experience, as I don’t know about women of other countries I can only tell about Indian women, you will have to tally with yours. Once upon a time when women were confined to homes this tendency might have been forgivable, after all, every frog inside a well can get jealous of the one sitting on the wall of the well, but no longer. Today they can reach out and get it, if they can’t then there must be something lacking in them, if not anything else then tenacity, luck, by ruining another’s they won’t get anything. But will women change? I don’t think so!



2 thoughts on “From The Quill of Femme Sole 10.6.16 Indian women now and then P9

  1. If you’ve read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, she talks of a similar thing. Women look at each other as competition. What they fail to understand is that they can empower each other and mentor in time of need. This will help the entire society and ensure a better future.

    • I absolutely agree with you! I have not read this book, I will see if I can get it but all you have to look around you and you will know how true she is! No matter how much you push the crown to the other side they will still think that you are their rival! 😦

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