From The Quill of Femme Sole 17.6.16 Indian women now and then P10

Maybe it is all about money, in Western countries most women earn their bread, but the thing that shocks most is after all those vigorous trainings of “servitude and sacrifice” from childhood how selfish majority of Indian women are.

They don’t share much unless of course they are forced to! Once they have a say in the family they start measuring the contribution of other females, males of the family. Especially financial ones and then act accordingly. If that person is dependent on them or their husbands God have mercy on them. Mostly they make their life miserable.

Earlier their victims ended up in streets, as beggars or worse but they had to bear the blame, for shooing them out. Now they have become cunning and more manipulative they pull the strings from behind the curtain and accomplish their mission.

Sorry, but women just don’t know how to share selflessly, they do believe it themselves that they do, but they very rarely do it. Even in case of daughters they extract their services mostly once she becomes useful.



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