From the Quill of Femme Sole 2.12.16


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10 thoughts on “From the Quill of Femme Sole 2.12.16

  1. You know, it sounds barbaric when you read it like that, not of our caste. But then I remember there’s the same type of stuff going on around me on a daily basis. Can’t marry because he’s beneath us (or she is), to the point of being bullied.

    I’m not trying to make light of the caste system and all its implications. I don’t know enough about it beyond the usual info of, four castes, stay within them and Untouchables are . . . well, untouchable. Plus the extremely serious repercussions of shunning (if you’re lucky) or slow and painful death if you disobey the rules. Manmade, of course.

    I think the problem comes from fear of losing power. Then you come up with all kinds of interesting stuff, not in a good way at all. I swear there’s something seriously wrong with “humanity.” Whoever / whatever created us is changing the channel real fast.

    • Oh know, it is not only so called untouchables, even the so called high castes can be killed if they marry high caste of forbidden type, it is idiotic but barbaric! I absolutely agree with your final statement, I have long felt there is something very wrong with human beings, very wrong!

      Indian parents are growing up, but they should grow up a little faster!

      • Ok, you’ll have to explain the types to me. Sounds like the feudal system in Europe to me. Wrong royal house, can’t get married. But I’d still love to know what the types are. It’s such a system of control, no matter where we look. That’s why I always keep saying that it’s the same basic idea the world over, just the repercussions are different. I don’t think any of the countries I identify with are headed in a good direction. My money would have been on France because of the whole “rules, what rules?! Let’s break them!” attitude. But we have that whole rightwing problem going on and extremism on both sides of the spectrum. But if we find life on another planet and move there, we’d be sure to mess that one up, too.

      • in india it is super complex! there are regions (like Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab, Bihar… they really wont like inter marriages much, can get feudal too), then there are caste- Brahmin, kayastha, baishya, shudra- they too prefer staying within their castes, and mostly the middle two don’t marry with the fourth caste, and the first caste, the Brahmins and the shudras. Apart from there there are few more dozen divisive things, deadliest one is religion most probably. 🙂

        I too follow the French way of thinking as long as it is sane.

      • Yeah, we learned about the caste system in junior high, seventh grade. In some European families it’s the same, your position in society counts. Not as badly as you described, but if you have a shred of empathy, you can get an idea of what you described.

  2. Worst case I ever met was a girl who literally judged people by what they wore, as in, she’s a nice person because she wears this brand. I’m sitting there, going, “where’s the logic in this?!” Stayed with a woman and her family once and had this really cheap perfume. But it smelled great. She complimented me about it, I told her it was from this discount store. When I left, I left the perfume and a hat there (also cery nice and dirt cheap. She thought it was a brand), as an experiment. Woman tells me I left my perfume there, never mentioned the hat. Didn’t have where to put it anyway, as I was going back to Finland.

  3. Oh, and she wasn’t even pretty. The gorgeous people I know (and they are beautiful) are not snobs, don’t make others feel less worthy, and live by the mantra of, “inner beauty is what makes you really beautiful.” They raise their children that way, too. And it shows. Those children are absolutely amazing. It’s usually the ones that are not really that good-looking that start all this crap. Insecurity is a b****.

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