Agnijaat poush, december CRITIQUE by Troy David Loy

The Critique for Agnijaat Poush, 1423:
By Troy David Loy @

An interesting bit of trickery this, and to hear it said, annoying! Good thing that there exist countermeasures for the mischievous-minded who try to pull this on someone!

Vedic Era Women:
The historical status of women on the Indian subcontinent is a continued interest of mine, and here status during the early history of Northern India is discussed. History is contingent, and someday perhaps the social pendulum will swing the other way, with more status accruing to the feminine gender than is usually the case today.

Hotmail is becoming nightmare:
It’s been a while since I’ve used hotmail myself, but here the authoress brings out recent issues experienced with the service, such as that often is!

Indian Muslims:
I’d not known much of the practice of Islam among Indians, save a few details. But here are I think good reasons to not paint them in excessively large brushstrokes as though a monolithic group.

Don’t fall in love with a dreamer:
Hear, hear! In a world where success comes from action taken, reality is indeed like a woman spurned…vengeful and ready to strike those who ignore or dismiss her!

Bhaktivad or Bhakti movement:
Fascinating how religious movements often influence each other, as here in the adaptation of Hinduism, and the blending of ideas of Sufi Islam with what became Bhakti Hinduism. I’m reminded of the late George Harrison formerly of the Beatles and his devotion to Lord Krishna.

The Child of Woods:
Very cool story, of a woman desperate for a child who gains the favor of faeries for a good turn given a child and mother of their own.

It’s my life!:
A romance complex from the very beginning, that has a very nice resolution. It shows that even the most disheartening events can lead to good things.

Prior to this year, I’d not known much of the celebration of Christmas in India, save among Christians. As it turns out, I was quite wrong, as non-Christians enjoy it as well.

Another gap in my knowledge filled!

Here are a few verses seen before and after revision, ‘Shattered vine,’ ‘My songbird,’ ‘Hope,’ and ‘Unite.’ This shows the value of taking a step back and looking carefully to make one’s writing even better. It’s worth considering in my own work as well. Valid critique does you a favor!

Shots from Kolkata Agrahayan:
Unfortunate that this is going away, but understood as to why. One must make do with what one can. There are some good shots here, even given the new camera!

Your humble critic awaits the Magh 1423 issue of Agnijaat! Thanks much to the authoress for her works and words, as there is much to inspire!


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