Word of Wisdom

Surrounded by jealous weeds, a pink wildflower danced in the warm sunlight for one glorious day before vanishing from sight. Unfortunately— in the darkness of the night, ‘something’ ate this flower and the buds below, leaving nothing behind but a broken stem and yesterday’s memory. Sigh….. Dear wildflower, life is unpredictable! If I had realized […]

via One Pink Wildflower — Before I Forget


5 thoughts on “Word of Wisdom

  1. I am glad you liked my story/poem about the pink wildflower. It was so beautiful, but it only lived for one day. The rabbits and deer quickly eat the soft bright flowers, but they don’t eat the prickly weeds. That’s why I came to the conclusion that things that are undesirable and unattractive live longer. Seems that it is rather dangerous to be beautiful…

  2. Or we deny it? Kind of the same thing though when you think about it. I’ve met people these past seven years especially that really make you believe in demons. The part that kills me about this is they work as shamans and kindergarten teachers. Best place really for preying on innocent souls. One healer I spoke to said, that person’s soul is bored and has been for a very long time. Take up knitting for chrissakes.

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