From The Quill of Femme Sole 21.4.17

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13 thoughts on “From The Quill of Femme Sole 21.4.17

  1. So true. And yet, how many people know that without falling into that trap? If liberal societies put on subtle pressure to be married (or with someone), how much harder is it in conservative circles. Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote though.

      • Yes! Screw pressure. Are you marrying for them or for you? Never mind, I know the answer. What gets me is, you always here “over there they have forced marriages.” And I’m sitting there going, yeah, but over here in “civilized” Europe you can fall in the same trap if your parents don’t feel it’s right.

        Don’t get me wrong, I know we have more laws on our side (well, in Western Europe, not so sure about Central Europe). But we shouldn’t be so smug and superior over here either.

      • in your countries lives of single women are way more easier and respectable, take my word for it, I am a avid viewer of Hollywood movies and read more English books than hindi/Bengali so I think I have enough in-depth knowledge about your society, single women are far better there than here but things will change. and it is always better to not give in to cave (Wo) men 🙂

      • I know. Even if you get marginalized in some ways here and in the other country. It doesn’t come close to what you described. Your life is not in danger, you still have some sort of protection / pension / social security from the government. Like I said earlier, you can get an idea. But it’s nowhere near close. Funny, in Finland no one gives a hoot, you might not get invited to so many parties and events, but you can live as a single woman. Over here, it becomes more of a thing. Again, not even close to what you described. But the message is clear. Must couple up. More to fit in. I’m getting the idea in India it’s (almost) more for survival.

      • I know I have been targeted but as far as I read life of single women are quite unsavoury in India, I am lucky because my brother is carrying my burden but that is not what we ask from life, right? we all want to earn our bread and not everyone wants to become a prostitute or callgirl! in India you have two ways- either become someone’s wife, or become a prostitute/be branded as one!

  2. Yes. I have friends at both ends of the spectrum. They’re happy, so more power to them. Like I said earlier, its when people start forcing their lifestyle on you I have problems. Maybe I want to be a nun, maybe I want to be a w****. Maybe I want to be a mother. Choice is mine.

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