From the quill of femme sole 30.6.17

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5 thoughts on “From the quill of femme sole 30.6.17

  1. Pretty sure I’m not alone in heeding this reminder. Was just thinking though, sociopaths will say that a lot, too. “The person who crossed me will be punished.” Funny how they appropriate this.

      • And using as a weapon. “Be nice to me, or God will punish you. Everyone who crosses me will be punished by God.” Common threat towards children in the other country. Which, and I can’t stress this enough, is fanatically religious. Very close to ISIS levels in a lot of ways. But Christian.

      • Totally. We all are if you believe. Being Catholic, I see the Pope more as a guideline if how we should live. The current one seems the best of the bunch so far. But apparently he said something along the lines of, “this is not for me to judge.” And that’s cool in my book. He chose to dedicate his life to God. So he will help. Ok.

        However, I still think it’s stupid that priests can’t marry. Have a community of priests who choose not to, but don’t force it. We all know Jesus was married. So? Still makes him a good person. My atheist dad used to say that Jesus was the first socialist. I always used to say he was a considerate man who advocated for illegitimate children and their mothers. Why shouldn’t we look for guidance to someone like that? And a few others. Jesus wasn’t alone. That’s the beauty of it.

        Btw, how is / was Mother Theresa seen in India? Because I read articles saying that she deliberately kept people in poverty to bring them closer to God. And, unfortunately, I can easily believe that.

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