6 Sharmishtha Basu her creations, hopes, and dreams

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We write because we want to, there is something inside us that urges us to pick up pen, brush or something else to express our inner expressions.

I too write for that purpose, mainly. Apart from that like every artist I want to make my living through my works, that works as a great inspiration, some evil specters made my dream of becoming a normal career woman impossible but to their misery I discovered a brand new world in blogging, it made me a writer and painter, I love to illustrate my works myself, the entire credit goes to my friends who endlessly encouraged me to write and paint.

Then came the next inspiration from them to get published, well I did, and am hoping that these works will win your hearts and give an unemployed artist a livelihood maybe a permanent place in the world of artists, writers too 😉

Finally, courtesy to Jonathan ojanpera @ aculturebent.wordpress.com I discovered a more organized way of creating my works and something that will last hopefully when I am gone! Came my cyber daughters, the twins on 17.7.16 Agnishatdal and Agnijaat. You will know them at –


and I am quite keen to write guest posts for blogs/magazines/sites, if you like my works check out the page


If you want to check out my works go to my gallery of own works, books:

If you want to make them really happy by buying a few go to amazon:

If you want to write an email-

my facebook page is:

my linkedin page is:

Goodreads page:

completelynovel page:

you will get even more nitty gritty details here:




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