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Mahashashthi 2012 – the puja begins


I have shared the details of Durgapuja held in my family home, a pure example of rural, family puja. This year I will share the URL of that post and small things related to Durgapuja. Hope you will join me in my journey.

Today is Mahashashthi- the first day of durgapuja. May the blessings of the Mother Goddess shower down on you today and every day of your life.


Durgapuja and Janmashtami (SriKrishna Birthday)

The families which hold Durgapuja at home don’t dispose the foundation of straw on which the deity is built- it’s a structure of bamboo on which the basic figure of the deities are built in straw and firmly attached. This structure is called Atchala and brought back next day from the river after the clay gets washed off by river water overnight; then it is dried in sunlight and next year before puja a fresh coat of hay is used to rebuild the shape.

On Janmashtami (the day when Lord Krishna was born) most of these families apply the first coat of clay on the hay figures, then it is slowly covered up by coat after coat to give the desired form.

Every family with personal puja has special spot for this day.

In some genuinely active families a puja is held on this day too.



In case you are curious to know how durgapuja is held in Bengali families- I can give you a little view of my family puja – both are same blog post in two different blogs- you can try out the one that opens.


There is an environment of purity and joy that comes down in Bengal during these five days, it hardly matters whether you are spiritual or funseeker; you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian- you are bound to get infected by this virus. There is no way of escaping it- air, water, sound every thing carries it. Dont try!